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Internet Networks Simplified.

The complexity of managing Internet networks has grown exponentially. Today, administrators have a rack full of devices to manage and secure. Further complexity is added by various software & cloud services that are needed to operate a network.

Inventum's service gateways simplify networks by combining networking functions with software services into a single, all-in-one appliance.

Say goodbye to separate devices for routing, security, user & bandwidth management - Simplify!

All-in-One Architecture

Multiple functions of the Service Gateway.

The powerful service gateway combines a router, firewall, load balancer, traffic shaper & several software services. Usually deployed as the Internet gateway, it sits between the LAN & WAN networks.

Networking functions are separated from the business or server features of the service gateway, each organized in their own computing plane. This separation of planes, allows the service gateway to deliver optimal levels of performance even under high traffic conditions.

The service gateway also greatly simplifies the management of network users & services. Admins design bandwidth, security & routing policies which are then associated with users. As users connect to the network, the service gateway applies policies automatically without admins having to worry about disparate policies configured in multiple devices. The service gateway is configured using a simple admin portal.


Service Gateway deployed in ISP/WISP network

Automate your entire ISP business using a single service gateway!

Start with the onboard database for managing subscribers, prepay charging & postpaid billing plans. Authenticate subscribers using the built-in captive portal (login page). Lock-down users to specific networks or devices by enabling advanced authentication features that automatically detect subscriber network & device information. Allow subscribers to manage their own accounts using the self-service portal, also built-in to the service gateway.

Comprehensive networking features include IP routing, PPPoE or IP traffic aggregation, IP tunneling, firewall, content filtering, NAT, SNAT, DHCP, DNS & WAN link load balancing with automatic fail-over. Enforce per subscriber & per session policies including speed-limits, policy routes, fair-usage quotas & much more.

Monitor subscribers, services & revenue using the administrator portal of the service gateway. Interactively view sessions, invoices, session history (CDR), audit trails, network alerts & several other out-of-the-box reports. The service gateway can also integrate with external systems to export CDR information or interactive tasks such as authentication using external RADIUS, LDAP & Microsoft Windows Active Directory Servers.

The service gateway is last-mile network agnostic & will work with any IP + Ethernet traffic. This includes Wi-Fi, DSL, FTTH, VSAT, Cable & P2P radios. The service gateway is certified to be inter-operable with leading access network vendors.

For Educational Campuses

Uncompromisingly share a common network between student, faculty & visitors. Apply controls on different user groups. Set login schedules, blackout hours & network access restrictions. Vary Internet bandwidth experience. Filter objectionable content. Set monthly download quotas for student with chargeable "top-up" vouchers. Validate all visitor Wi-Fi access through one-time-password. Comply with lawful monitoring requirements to curtail irresponsible or malicious usage. Read more about the campus solution.

For Offices

Reduce complexity, save rack space & manage your office networks more easily. Excellent solution for managing Visitor Wi-Fi & the new trend of employees Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD). Read more about branch office networking solutions.

For Enterprises

Broadband Control Solutions for Enterprises by CONDUIT TECHNOLOGIES

Take dynamic control of broadband networks at your enterprise With growing internet there are many things for your employees to do while they are behind the computer screen connected to the internet. That too when the internet belongs to organizations and companies who secure a decent bandwidth for their work efficiency. Many times employees have a gala time in using the internet for browsing, watching videos, heavy downloads, social media and it goes on and on. As a result.

1. Organization suffers from work force efficiency and might even add more staff thinking that people are overloaded with work.

2. Indecent activities might start to happen on uncontrolled internet resulting into ethical problems within the organization

3. Organization bandwidth meant for business purpose gets sucked out by few employees for their big personal downloads which means cost to company.

4. For a small organization which does not have IT infrastructure of servers and LAN, it becomes absolutely impossible to have any form of control on internet usage.

5. If you are big organization with multiple locations you can have a distributed system with all your internet policies centrally controlled by our UNIFY Software platform and with limited user size scalable controllers placed at every location.

Stop the abuse and save your precious bandwidth

CONDUIT with its international expertise and a strong local presence in India not only has a solution to the above problems but a lot more beyond these problems.

Our state of the art Service Gateway is a unique product which is multiple WAN Internet gateway, Service controller, User authentication, Bandwidth management, Internet access policy control and monitoring, SMS OTP, and Payment gateway all included in one single box ranging from 50 to 30,000 concurrent users which can be further extended in cluttering mode and supporting FE to multiple 1G interfaces including Fiber connectivity and load management if you have multiple internet connections.

Imagine now as the owner, director or functional manager you have the peace of mind that your employees cannot do anything else other than what you want them to do. They cannot download big videos, they cannot visit sports or movies websites and with full control over day and time usage no one can come over weekend to your office to use your internet bandwidth.

Dream of Exclusive Control of the internet usage? Dream no More

In India many organizations have taken multiple internet connections from multiple service providers;

  • How about allocating an expensive, high speed internet to executives?
  • How about permitting news and information website access only during breaks or lunch hours?
  • How about giving an office guest a limited internet access during his stay in your office?
  • How about managing all this without purchasing any separate UTM or Firewall device?
  • How about doing all of the above without any servers or LAN network?
  • How about having a company digital notice board the moment your employees log in to the network first thing in morning?

What else will you get from us?

You will get an all-in-one gateway device

That combines a router, firewall, content filter, traffic shaper, user authentication database and much more Here’s a short 3-step plan on how to do it

Step 1: Call us to understand more

Step 2: Close the commercials

Step 3: Deploy and then pay if all works fine

Our Service gateway is deployed by various organizations, hospitality industries like Hotels, hospitals; airports, train stations, University Campus Wi-Fi, Internet service providers and anywhere, everywhere


Entry Level

  • S1_201x134
  • S1 Service Gateway
  • *Recommended for 500 up to users

Mid Range

  • M1_210x30
  • M1 Service Gateway
  • *Recommended for up to 2000 users
  • M1_210x30
  • M2 Service Gateway
  • *Recommended for up to 5000 users

High Performance

  • L1 Service Gateway
  • Recommended for up to 30,000 users
  • Advanced Authentication & Routing
  • Firewall & IP Filtering
  • Visitor & BYOD Control
  • OSPF/BGP Support
  • Supports High Availability
  • L1_201x44

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