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Birdstep is a WiFi offload product for cellular networks using client side intelligence for seamless switchovers between Wifi and cellular networks. It works without EP SIM based authentication requirement but can complement such solutions. The Birdstep WiFi offload is not dependent on SIM card or any Network core infrastructure.

With Birdstep a WiFi client is installed in smartphones and the client manages seamless switching between 3G, 4G and WiFi access based on certain predefined and over the fly configurable selection policy triggers.

By using Birdstep the Mobile service provider can also partner with any other WiFi hotspots service provide and provide a seamless experience between their own 3G/4G network and public Wifi Hotspots.

Birdstep manages and controls the Wifi and 3G/4G operations in a Smart way with various policy triggers. Apart from this Birdstep client has the capability to provide complete User experience and QoS information. And not just limited to this there is a completed SmartCommerce portfolio on monetization of Wifi.

Smart Policy

Powered by backend SmartANDSF policy server where Mobile Service Provider can define policies based on subscription, device, quality, location,etc. The policies are configured on the client and enforcement point of policies is on the client.

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Supports EAP SIM/AKA on device with EAP--‐SIM/ AKA compatible HW/Firmware. Also Supports non EAP--‐SIM compatible Devices and Non EAP--‐SIM Network architectures

Inter System Mobility Policies (ISMP)

  • When/where to use cellular and different WiFi networks, including FOC Hotspots Inter System Routing Policies (ISRP).
  • For devices allowing mobile/WiFi simultaneous use.
  • MAPCON (routing on APN basis).
  • Intelligent Power Management Policies (IPMP).
  • Proprietary power management policies for WiFi.
  • Information model aligned with 3GPPP--‐ANDSF.
  • IFOM/NSOF/S14 on roadmap.


As a Mobile Service provider if you want to provide more satisfying user experience. If there is a need to optimize your CAPEX in congested areas. If you want to provide value to your roaming subscribers. Smart SELECT functionality in the Birdstep product enables you to achieve these.

  • Smart SELECT provides automatic and seamless WiFi connectivity in areas with poor indoor coverage or poor 3G/4G outdoor coverage.
  • Provides the option of using Free Public Hotspots or Hotspots from other service providers not associated with the Operators own WiFi additional to Core WiFi selection.
  • Provides optimized network selection in congested areas.
  • Allows seamless access in multiple network/ multiple authentication environments.
  • Provides end users with favourable data offerings and service recommendations when roaming policy controlled .
  • Fully policy controlled .
  • Provides dynamic SSID management and distribution .
  • A range of triggers for power management and connectivity that optimize network usage.
  • Examples of some policy triggers for the EasySuite:
    • Network congestion.
    • Time of Day (rush hour behavior).
    • AC Power connected .
    • Battery status.
    • Roaming.
    • Low Cellular RSSI.
    • Throughput.
    • Specified applications in foreground (which Apps should use WiFi only).

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Smart Control is an Always Smartest Connection (ASC) solution based on near real-time automated crowd-sourcing quality of service data.

ASC enabled devices reports achieved quality of service experience on carrier WiFi as well as Mobile networks to backed server. situation down to the base station/access point level. The back end infrastructure maintains a view of the existing quality.

This allows the Mobile Operator to develop and control a HetNet optimization strategy or WiFi network usage that permits the Operator to load balance between all available networks, including WiFi, in the most efficient and economical way.

It ensures the Operator customers are always connected to the best possible network based on available bandwidth and/or cost according to the subscription plan. It is a full, dynamically policy controlled solution which enables the operator to “load balance” between their available networks in the most efficient/economical way.


SmartAnalytics provides insight of subscribers behavior and experience. The Mobile Operator can monitor customers moving from Cellular to WiFi and visa versa. SmartAnalytics gathers data from the device to reflect the actual user experience and reflects upon QOE/S. 40% of network information can only be accessed from the device. The solution provides information that lets the Operator visualize the network performance and data experience. It captures usage patterns and traffic flows through measuring network quality, policy events and location. SmartAnalytics is scalable and supports up to tens of millions of reporting devices.

Birdstep SmartAnaytics is an enable for smart business decisions. It provides valuable information that helps analyzing HetNets. Since the data is gathered from devices it reflects actual user experience. The solution is scalable and supports up to tens of millions of reporting devices. The solution includes a comprehensive set of valuable reports. It is a proven concept with multiple existing live implementations.

BirdStep Smart Analytics Conduit

SmartAnalytics is based on passive measurements and all events are measured on real-time (reporting back is configurable). There is a policy management for reporting for selected parameters, areas, etc. It is possible to integrate other data sources and/or provide data to other systems. It makes every customer into a measurement probe.

BirdStep Smart Analytics

BirdStep Smart Provision


SmartProvision provides background automated “zero click” provisioning (log ins to Wifi networks) for all the accounts to deliver the most satisfying experience for Mobile operator customers using WiFi network. It manages Operators WiFi partners network and service credentials.

Its streamlined and automated provisioning and de-provisioning of services saves OPEX and provides uninterrupted service to Operator’s customers. It extends the Operators reach to legacy devices and networks by allowing WiFi credential and authentication where SIM card accreditation is not available .

Silently and Automatically provision all of your subscribers for all their accounts via a single point.

Streamlined and automated provisioning saves OPEX and delivers the most satisfying experience for your customers.

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If you want to monetize your network investment by offering relevant marketing and advertising to your subscribers. If you want to tap into the OTT revenue stream. If you want to enhance customer satisfaction by offering additional data at no cost; then SMART COMMERCE solution is the best fit for you.

SmartCOMMERCE is a solution that enables the Mobile Operator advertising and marketing capabilities for monetizing a Wi-Fi Network. SmartCommerce would support messages/advertising/revenue models to be sent to Non Operator customers wanting to take advantage of the WiFi networks.

It allows the Operator to increase revenue and create new sources of revenue by providing and advertising solution that is both location and customer sensitive.

It provides a network independent and non-intrusive advert solution to the end users. It provides an attractive offer for end users to save on their data plan if they agree to receive ads.

  • Increase revenues and create new revenues from OTT’s.
  • Use Policies to decide behavior based on:
    • Location.
    • Time of Day.
    • Available Networks.
    • Customer types.
  • Serves Ads/marketing information out of and in WiFi to competitors customers.
  • Analyze customer/prospective customer patterns.

Birdstep Solution Architecture

Birdstep Solution Architecture Conduit

How does Birdstep add additional value to EAP-SIM?
How does Birdstep support WiFi offload decisions from the core?
What additional value Birdstep can provide?

  • Birdstep technologies support EAP-SIM but will also allow Operator to make WiFi decisions in the same way based on Non EAP-SIM compatible devices and non EAP SIM compatible Network architectures.
  • It makes use of existing Free WiFi and integrated carrier Wifi. The benefits of Mobile Identity automation access can thus be achieved for all the subscribers at all the times.
  • It enables best use of WiFi with RAN architectures different from the core providers. All network elements to be integrated with WiFi use independent of Core suppliers ABC.
  • Client side KPI’s can be blended into Connect/not Connect decisions.
  • Add Anlaytics to Operators view of customer use of WiFi/Cellular and patterns for handling between the two.
  • Operator can advertise/monetize WiFi with customers/Non Customers.