About Conduit

Since our inception in 2001, Conduit Technologies has expanded on its position in the growing end-markets it serves. At Conduit we specialize in providing systems integrations and providing solutions for Telecom and Enterprise IT.

We have a long history of delivering carrier grade projects for Telcos and are pioneers in revenue enhancement services, and solutions for both Telcos and ISP’s, through our certified global delivery teams.

Apart from this, we also offer a wide range of value added services in numerous Middle Eastern Markets. We provide these services through seven business units: Telecom, IT Infrastructure, Security Infrastructure; Software Solutions; Web Solutions; and Managed BPO Services.

Our foundation for the future is based on our continued success within growing industries like Homeland Security, Power Systems, Oil and Gas, Banking, ISP’s, and Large Mobile Operators. On the Homeland Security front our customers like Law Enforcement Agencies are tremendously benefitting from our services, services that are aimed to provide absolute security to the civilians’ at the most flexible prices out there.

Even as we continue to grow globally, Conduit Technologies has developed, implemented, executed and completed many complex projects worldwide for our clients. We specialise and strive to be a leader in the Telecom industry, having worked with major players in the Telecom industry like Digitata, Forsk, Actix, Gemalto, EXFO, Motorola, Agilent Technologies, Elite core technologies, and Ip.access has given us a wealth of experience.

In the IT industry we have saved our partners millions of dollars through our bandwidth optimization services and provisioning solutions portfolio and protected many networks with our extensive range of IT Security solutions. – So that their internal staff can focus on business needs, program management and can add greater value to their organisations.

On Software side, we have helped our clients develop cutting edge apps, and software business tools deployed as services (SAS), that are directly aligned with their growing operational business needs and also help them manage and enhance their complex IT environment on day to day basis through our global delivery model.

We’ve built our own IMS (Inventory Management System) portal for enterprises in general and have customized versions for the Hospitality industry in particular. This state of the art “Inventory and Procurement Management System” works with the help of reference data of both suppliers, and the buyers.

With the emerging global demand for innovative technology solutions, Conduit has a successful track record of delivering value to its partners in the areas of Revenue enhancement, New Revenue streams, Cost Savings, Operations Efficiency, and User experience.

We have also set our sights on contributing to a sustainable future which aligns with our goal of environmental stewardship, and future vision.