When a company like appliansys, that has designed, built, and deployed Internet server appliances in more than 100 countries, recommends CACHEBOX, maybe it’s time to rethink your corporate network strategy. ApplianSys experience with ISPs around the world has shown that whether you’re in Ghana or in California, CACHEBOX is the ideal solution for ISPs operating where internet bandwidth is in short supply or very expensive. ISPs want to offer customers a fast, reliable service.

CACHEBOX is for saving bandwidth and to increase Speed. It offers an end-to-end optimization of the network by storing web content and serving it from LAN Network. In other words it’s a web caching / content caching application which is designed to save bandwidth and to improve speed, not to mention the dramatic reduction of the costs. The benefits are immediately noticeable: costs are lower; you increase the number of subscribers on your network without decreasing the quality of your service; you offer new high value services, like Voice over IP, without having to replace your existing infrastructure.

For other organizations even though many internet users now have high capacity and relatively cheap bandwidth, they are choking that capacity with new high-volume (and often high priority) traffic, such as VoIP. Deploying caches in branch offices and core networks to optimize distribution of HTTP content frees capacity for this high priority traffic.

At institutions where faculty staff or perhaps students are frequently upgrading their applications or desktop and mobile device operating systems, providing a cache system will noticeably speed this process for greater satisfaction as well as considerably lower internet bandwidth usage. CACHEBOX web cache appliances offer you a reliable, cost effective approach to optimizing your bandwidth and saving money.

CACHEBOX brings content closer to end users and delivers a number of real benefits to your business:

  • Reduced internet bandwidth usage by serving content stored on the LAN
  • Faster performance on cached content
  • Fewer user-perceived delays and increased user-satisfaction
  • Less load on origin servers, saving hardware and support costs
  • Reduces bandwidth spend
  • Supports compliance legislation by logging user requests

The latest version of Cachebox “Cachebox310” introduces a number of improved functionalities, which responds to the most pressing challenges faced by the consumer companies. Cachebox310 Features higher Specification motherboard and processor with larger disks to deliver more than 2x the performance of the older versions.

Other models available in Appliansys Cachebox that are tailored exactly according to the needs and requirements of the customers are Cachebox050 & Cachebox100, Cachebox210, and Cachebox230.

CACHEBOX050/100 series is web caching appliances designed for schools, SMEs, branch offices and small ISPs. They combine feature rich caching software with the security, reliability and ease-of-use of the appliance format.