Crystalusion Liquid Screen Protector

A special solution to mobile phone protection has been invented known as Crystalusion - Liquid Screen Protector. Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is a German engineered product that offer one of the most advanced nano-coatings for portable devices.

It has been designed to protect multimedia devices like mobile phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, touch screens, gaming consoles and satellite navigation systems. This revolutionary coats the surface with a protective layer of advanced Nano-technology.

Crystalusion - Liquid Glass Protection is one of the simplest application processes of any device protection product, it's as simple as Clean, Apply, Dry.

Once applied, the newly coated device becomes extremely easy to maintain and cleaning only requires a simple wipe of the surface instead of the extensive rubbing required on untreated devices.

Features of Crystalusion - Liquid Screen Protector :

1) 100% Invisible
Crystalusion - Liquid Glass Protection will not affect the viewing clarity or the look of any device. Crystalusion layer is completely invisible to the naked eye and because it is 100% light it will not affect the screen resolution or color clarity.

2) Bubble Free
Crystalusion - Liquid Glass Protection is particularly unique because it is applied as liquid, because of this air cannot become trapped between the Crystalusion layer and the device giving a completely bubble free application over the entire device.

3) Diamond Tested
Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is laboratory tested to ASTM C1624-05 Qualitative Single Point Scratch Testing using a 0.2mm tip radius Rockwell diamond and is laboratory certified to withstand up to 56N before showing visible signs of scratching – that’s 600% more resistant than a traditional screen protector!

4) Easy Clean
Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is Superphobic, this means it is both Hydrophobic (repels liquid) and oleophobic (repels oils and grease), because of this oils and grease can’t stick to the surface, they just sit on top of the layer – this makes fingerprints and grease marks particularly easy to clean from the device.

5) Anti-Bacterial
Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is Antimicrobial, this means bacteria cannot live on the protective layer – helping to keep your device germ free. ASTM E2180 antimicrobial tests proved a 99.9% reduction in levels of organisms when tested with Salmonella, aureus and E. coli.

6) Warranty Safe
Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is functionalized in organic ethanol, although it is applied as a liquid the liquid is harmless to electronic devices and cannot cause any manufacturer or warranty issues – to further illustrate this point a device could be fully submerged in Crystalusion without causing any operational issues.

Crystalusion Glass Protector