Customized Software

CONDUIT TECHNOLOGIES provides customized software services precisely tailored according to our client’s requirements, with the objective of driving revenue. This is made possible through our Consulting services for optimization of processes.

Before the project starts CONDUIT TECHNOLOGIES’s consulting services help identify key gaps in the existing systems of companies as well as creating optimization and best practices strategy for our customers. Equipped with this knowledge, CONDUIT TECHNOLOGIES has created a series of custom software development frameworks, best practices and process workflows that allow us to expedite and execute large scale application re-engineering projects more effectively than other IT consulting firms.

Technologies that we work with:
  • Custom Application Design and development of open standards based systems, using Microsoft .NET technologies
  • Customization and integration of third-party software, including in-depth knowledge of leading application server technology
  • CTPL is equally competent transforming your applications to Microsoft .NET 4.0 as well as implementing the best of user experiences with Rich Internet applications such as Ajax, JavaScript, etc.
  • To deliver each of the above core services, Conduit’s professionals use the company’s Work Vision methodology – a methodology that has been developed over a number of years and that has a proven track record of helping achieve the objectives of the service in the most efficient manner.

One most important thing when we take on a customized software development project is that all our services are supported by Management Methodologies that help ensure the timeliness and cost effectiveness of the service delivered. These include:

  • Project management: This includes project and resource planning and monitoring for each service.
  • Quality management: This includes methodologies for ensuring quality of the process as well as the product.
  • Change Management: This includes standard operating procedures for handling changes in the deliverables and/or requirements during and after the service delivery lifecycle.