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Load Balance

On-demand, scalable traffic management
Rapid spikes in online traffic can challenge even the best web sites and applications. During online sales events, even a brief outage can cost you thousands of customers.

CONDUITS load balancer determines which server in your network is the least loaded and routes requests to that machine. It intelligently assigns requests, so all of your servers can operate at their full capacity - you won't have some servers idle while others overloaded. This can dramatically improve your site's reliability and response time, reducing your need for additional web servers and enhancing the user experience. Designed to be highly-scalable, it maintains the same high-speed performance as you add servers to the system. You can easily build highly-available, fault-tolerant sites.

CONDUIT has the expertise in providing traffic management services, load balancing solutions and implementation for enabling scalable, highly available server clusters Our load balancing services ensure fast connection and fail safe 24x7 access to web sites and other critical Internet and Intranet applications that help you minimize response time while maximizing site availability. Our load balancing solutions support all Internet protocols and accommodate all operating systems.

CONDUIT’S Cloud Load Balancers manage online traffic by distributing workloads across multiple servers and resources—automatically or on demand. They maximize your workload performance and help prevent overload to help give your users a seamless experience by the following tools;

  • Dedicated IP address
    Each load balancer is assigned an IP address that remains static while the load balancer is in use.
  • Supports SSL termination
    Offloads public key encryption and decryption, and provides HTTP to HTTPS redirect to help secure transactions.
  • Built-in high availability
    One load balancer is all you need for high availability