Business Processes Optimization:

CONDUIT will help you identify and automate your business processes which span multiple resources, departments, divisions, partners and other organizations. We will also help organizations by managing and monitoring the performances of resources and help in increasing the overall ROI. We provide state of the art Business process optimization and management solutions using new generation frameworks, cutting edge technologies, components, processes, best practices and industry experts.

Our offerings have been instrumental for organizations to achieve operational excellence, reduce costs and provide customers with better products and services. Some of the key benefits that our solution offers include:

  • Streamline existing business processes
  • Effectively manage outsourcing relationship with BPO partners
  • Deliver 40% productivity gain with the implementation of a scalable architecture
  • Manage business effectively through automation, optimization and integration among business partners
  • Leverage analytics engine capabilities to optimize processes
  • Provide a rich, web-enabled business application to enhance customer/borrower experience
  • Allow business users to graphically understand current state process workflows and potential issues
  • Remove complexity of separate systems used by employees and external parties
  • Ability to customize processes on a client basis without the need of extensive SOP's and manual intervention
  • Measure and manage performance of employees and external parties
  • Migrate from an individual user security model to a role based security model

Quality Assurance

CONDUITS effective testing solutions encapsulate technology and tool experts using a framework based approach comprising of reusable components utilizing automated tools. Our optimized QA strategy ensures lower testing costs, reduced time-to-market, improved testing processes and ultimately improved quality. Research and surveys indicate that Independent (3rd party) QA/ testing leverages the quality level and reduces the risk of production failure.