Homeland Security


When it comes to protection, our exclusive alliances with the most knowledgeable partners in the industry enable us to maximize our innovations to provide our customers with the best in ballistic protection, body protection, Signal jamming, metal detection, data protection — uncompromised and unparalleled.

When it comes to body protection, CONDUIT offers a complete range of Protective Clothing to serve virtually all industries and applications. Our complete line of ventilated & non-ventilated suits and accessories provides full body protection, for a truly global solution, these also include Single Use Clothing, Technical Reusable Work wear, and Fire Gear.

At Conduit we take pride in saving lives with our range of protection solutions to protect signal interceptions, voice interception, data leakage, bombs and other explosives. In this current era where electronic surveillance is peaking up a new trend in Counter surveillance technologies have emerged and Conduit provides the state of art Counter Surveillance solutions apart from standard protection devices

  • RF Jammers
  • RF Jammers (Low – Mid Range)
  • Handheld Jammers
  • Desktop Jammers
  • Hidden Jammers
  • Prison Jammers
  • RF Jammers (High Range)
  • Satellite Jammer
  • Bomb Jammers
  • Metal Detectors - GARRETT
  • Explosives Detector
  • NLJD – Non Linear Junction Detectors
  • Lornet 24
  • Lornet 26
  • Frequency Detector – MFP 8000
  • CryptoPhone
  • Encryption
  • IP – Thuraya / Inmarsat