IT & Network Solutions


Take advantage of CONDUIT’s global, cloud-based network protection service. CONDUIT’S dedicated network protection service is always ready.

Protecting your network from live network security threats requires an active, attacker-centric security response. CONDUIT provides an expert network security team that is ready to counter a denial of service (DDoS) attacker’s every move – at any time and without rest. Few businesses can afford to staff such an always-ready business network security team.

Through CONDUIT’s protection services trace perpetrators and plan for future threats by using threat detection and statistics features for TCP, UDP, and DNS mitigation to analyze incoming traffic and identify malicious sources of attack floods. Defense against all types of DDoS attacks with various methods of threat detection that range from basic authentication to protocol-specific behaviors, allowing you to outsmart divergent attack mechanisms before they bring down your network.

Prepare for a larger network and a newer address space of attacks with our support for IPv6 protocols, rendering your network less vulnerable to unrecognized IPv6 traffic and allowing you to scale out security for more data and more devices. Build robust layer 7 safeguards by leveraging CONDUIT’s agile defense mechanisms against more subtle attacks to protect against seemingly legitimate traffic streams exploiting application vulnerabilities.