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Roaming Quality Management

Roaming occurs when a handset moves out of the range of one access point into the range of another. It gives users the mobility to move around within a local coverage area and still be connected to the network. However, roaming is one of the primary reasons why users experience problems on wireless networks. Excessive roaming times lead to poor quality for voice and video over wireless and can lead to dropped calls or data connections. According to a survey, currently, 75% of roamers do not turn on data services because they do not understand data roaming charges and because of the high charges imposed. Most of the potential revenue is lost to often lower quality alternative non-mobile providers (hotels, WiFi, etc.) in the visited country.

CONDUIT’s Telecom's Roaming Solutions enable operators to increase roaming traffic and revenues while giving the subscribers complete visibility and control over their spending and providing a better quality of service to the customer. Our range of Roaming Solutions also allows mobile operators to offer solutions to their customers that help them acquire and sustain roamers on their network.

Steering is no longer just a matter of sending your subscribers to preferred networks with whom you have wholesale agreements. Operators need to consider potential revenues, usage and QoS in order to maximize the level of customer satisfaction and revenues. Monitoring your quality of service in real time and taking decisive action is critical, for example: steering your VIP customers to a non-preferred network if the quality is better.

CONDUIT’S RQM DASHBOARD allows you to closely monitor your business KPIs and enables you to configure your own alerts and thresholds to optimize the information flow.