Software Services

CONDUIT can help you turn industry challenges into competitive advantage. Our Software Services team has helped some of the world's most recognized companies overcome both the common and unique challenges related to your specific technology and process needs.

Our software services offer a proven track record of helping organizations make a transition or augment their offerings with SAS solutions. Our experienced SAS architects and developers have helped successfully conceptualize, develop, deploy and manage several new SAS solutions.

Our SAS Development Services can help you with:
  • SAS Strategy & Conceptualization
  • SAS Platform Strategy
  • SAS User Experience Design and Prototyping
  • SAS Architecture & Design
  • SAS Development & Testing
  • On-Premise to SAS Migration

Our SAS Development services have several additional value additions compared to traditional software product development. Some of them are as follows:

  • Subscriptions, Metering, Billing and Payments
  • Multi-Tenancy, Security, and Data Isolation
  • Availability, Monitoring and Service Levels
  • On-premise data, application, and process integration
  • Scalability, Capacity planning and Cost of Ownership
  • Device access including web and mobile