Web Application

CONDUIT has highly skilled professional web application developers that work seamlessly as a well-organized team, managed by experienced managers. To support the organization a strong infrastructure of systems and tools are in place. The combination ensures that large and complex web applications projects are successfully implemented.

We use our expertise in e-commerce development, intranet and portal development, to design systems that manage customer information, analyze complex data sets, and target and deliver personalized content. CTPL uses Microsoft development technologies, Open Source technologies to rapidly develop and deploy these web applications.

CONDUIT has helped large and small companies replace their desktop applications with completely web-based systems, meaning faster processes, easier content sharing, increased accessibility, and better cost-efficiency. Additionally, we’ve helped integrate those systems with databases, CRM, and much more. Our complex web application development makes it possible for you to automate business functions—tracking projects, distributing and sharing information, communicating, managing inventory or orders—all via one web-based platform that’s accessible anywhere, anytime, across computer operating systems, technologies, or displays.

We deliver full functionality. Our complex web applications feature interaction, user engagement, information presented in a fluid format, the ability to pull data that’s content appropriate to your needs, and customizations suited to your business. We work and become extension of your team and create web development environments where our people, from content teams to design teams, can combine their efforts for the best results. We deliver web service integration consulting and implementation. We can make your complex application work with services, effectively talking to other applications, allowing users to send messages between systems. This means less time wasted, more automated business tasks, and a streamlined business process.