WIFI Offload

At CONDUIT we redefine the "always best connected" mobile experience; we go beyond Wi Fi Offload to uniquely combine intelligent network selection with the curated virtual network of high-quality Wi Fi hotspots. For mobile operators our carrier-grade service delivers an overnight, cost effective step change in network capacity-reach that doubles customer lifetime value (CLV) through elevated customer satisfaction, powerful new data management solutions, and Wi-Fi service generation.

Carriers relying on WiFi networks face these challenges:
  • WiFi is not capable of providing the same level of QoS that 3G/4G can– resulting in poor call quality and unsatisfactory end user experience
  • Even if it is a 3rd party WiFi network that is at fault for delivering poor QoS, the carrier is always responsible for the poor QoE, as they are charging for the services
  • WiFi is ubiquitous and convenient but can’t always deliver the quality end-users demand
  • Signal strength issues, interference, noise and heavy demand make quality poor and inconsistent

CONDUIT’s framework finds & fixes the problems on wired and wireless networks, guaranteeing the best Quality of Service for smartphones, tablets, laptops and thin clients.

CONDUIT's Curator Service Platform not only curates each subscriber connection in real-time, but also constantly identify and qualify Wi-Fi connections for the best fit in meeting operator-set policies and user preferences.

CONDUIT Technology is a also leading provider of Smart Mobile Data and Secure Mobility for operators, enterprises and governmental organizations. Drawing on extensive experience of successful customer projects and cooperation with operators, enterprise customers and OEM partners around the world, CONDUIT delivers industry-leading solutions for wireless connectivity and service management. Our Smart Mobile Data services offer advanced solutions for data offload, support automation and end user communication to network operators. Our Secure Mobility services offer solutions providing seamless and secure connectivity to business data for corporations and governmental organizations.